​​​​​​​Keep track of the 2018 World Cup with this illustrated wall chart! 
So, I've sold some high-quality prints of these charts, but now that the tournament is drawing closer I've decided to make this available as a pay-what-you-want download. I hope this doesn't come across as disingenuous, I just want it to reach as many people as possible!

(right click and Open Image in New Tab to open it as a full file size!)

If you think this is worth paying for (who knows, you might have super high standards...) then click the link below to head over to my Paypal and ping over whatever you feel. 

If not, well, fair play to ya. Download it, and share it with your workmates or buddies.
Hope you enjoy filling it out regardless.
Enjoy the tournament!

(Disclaimer: If anyone who has paid for a printed copy feels particularly annoyed, I'll buy you a drink sometime.)
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